Healthy Leadership – Daily Support for Leaders

A sustainable training course for keeping employees and leaders healthy on a long- term basis even under stress and high working pressure.

In many organizations the negative impact of stress and high working pressure are clearly noticeable, due to 24/7 working hours, high expectations and a continuous working overload.

Individual warning signals are mostly existing on at least four different levels: mind, body, feelings and behavior.

Our 4 level model demands a new leadership style that is powerful, attentive, positive and at the same time emotional.


Model: Healthy leadership, Kuhn-Krainick 2014

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Only with leaders who are qualified, committed and healthy, an organization can be successful on a long-term basis. Healthy leadership is an important key factor. Based on our model for healthy leadership we offer you sustainable training courses. The design of the training is like a journey through the year.


There are courses that accompany your leaders a full year with regular training modules including special downloads and e-mails for the sustainable success. Please contact us for more information.


Target group:

Leaders and organizations, who want to do something to keep employees healthy on a long – term basis.


  • The leader as a key factor and role model
  • Correlation between stress, leadership and mental health
  • Basic parameters for healthy employees (context prevention)
  • Competencies and tools of healthy leadership (behavior prevention)
  • Pre-distant signals of continuous working overload
  • Discussion between employers and employees